Professional Course

Professional course is designed for students wanting to take photography as a career. The course is based on the hands on approach to photography which makes student confident in their shoots. The next level of learning deals with various topics like advance exposure techniques, studio lighting, night photography, functions of the camera, etc. which helps to leap as professional photographer. To widen the area of expertise, 9 Blocks School of Photography designed the Advance course with all genre of Photography like Wedding, Fashion, Advertisement, Product shoot, Food shoot ,Documentary and Landscape Photography so that students after the end of course must get work from every genre. The course aims to make students enable to start working professionally.


  • Course Name : Professional Course
  • Course Includes: Basic Photography 3-4 classes
  • Class: Theory+Practical
  • Course Durations: 6 Months= 96hours/2days in a week
  • Curicullum:Core Photography Concept + Theory,Practical Classes + Streamlining
    Workflow Techniques + Shutter Speed + Depth of Field + Focusing + Composition + Critical Thinking of Own Images + Identify Areas of Growth
  • Workshop: 2 Photowalk + 1 workshop.
  • Portfolio : 1 Submission every month end
  • Course Fee : Rs 60000 + Registration amout

    Installment facility available*

  • Others:

    6 Workshops on Editorial 6 Workshops on Editorial fashion , Catalogue , High fashion , Portrait , Photo journalism work , theme based fashion shoot, advertisement work etc. 

    Photoshop tutorials for 4-5 classes on post-production work.

    Opportunity to attend live events and practice with 9 Blocks Photography Studio members. 

    100% Placement* Condition Apply

    Internship and chance to assist during photo-shoot.


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