Before you begin your search for Candid photographers in Hyderabad make sure you are clear about what are you looking for and what are you getting.


You must be sure with your date, time and place as these will be the 3 questions a photographer will ask you first.

You must know your end goal for which if you spend a little more on a professional team, you may not mind it. You may not wish to spend thousands but you do need to be clear about what you are buying. The work of a true professional is way beyond reaching on time, clicking your pictures and giving you all. Investing on a qualified and experienced photographer will give you lasting images which you can treasure forever.

In the last few years the industry has witnessed an explosion of amateur photographers charging less for their services. You need to decide if you can trust someone for your important day and event.

Always remember once the flowers fade and the cake have been eaten what left with you is the memory of the event. So you must have work of someone you should be able to look through your images and remember your day.

9 Blocks’ Professional photographers in Hyderabad have:

  • Experience and know how to handle challenging circumstances
  • Bound by a code of professional conduct
  • Qualified at successive levels
  • Professionally insured
  • Assessed against strict criteria of professional competency, creativity, composition etc
  • Patient and light minded